Khavda Pottery Workshop



The workshop on this ‘Khavda’ – Terracotta Hand Painted Pottery will be conducted by Master Potters Kumbhar Abdul Ibrahim and Rahima Bhen.

Rs. 950/- per person (pre-registration)

Sunday 22nd Jan 10 AM – 1 PM at Craphtistic Studios, Pimple Saudagar

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PLEASE INDICATE THE WORKSHOP VENUE while booking your workshop seat. Preregistration workshop fees is Rs. 950/- per person (All Materials included) and on spot registration will be Rs. 1250/- per person .

Padmaja – / 9370379727
Mildred – 9859510779

‘Khavda’ pottery is an art form of Khavda, North Kutch . While the men do all the throwing in terracotta, the women handle all the surface decoration which in this northern Kutch village of Ludia is primarily in the form of painting.

The potter gets mud from a specific acre (A lake) area near village. It is called ‘Rann ka mitti’. To make the mud finer, the artist grinds and sieves it. Then the potters put the mud in water for some time and it becomes soft enough to be given any desired shape. This soft clay is shaped into a pot on a potter’s wheel and left to dry in shade, then Kumbhar women use red, black, and white clay-based paints to decorate each piece of pottery with distinct community-specific designs.

After a while, it is cleaned and put in the sun to dry and then baked in a furnace, powered by simple and locally available fuels of dry wood and cow dung. The vessels are coated with a thin wash of geru (red color). The pots of Khavda get their red colour from Geru, a type of soil (ocher/ umber), and the black and white dots and stripes are also made with natural material. The potter’s wife then uses a frayed bamboo twig to paint motifs in clay-based white colors. Finished pieces lie aside, ready for drying. The terracotta pots of Khavda are distinct from the ones we may see elsewhere, because of their painting and form which is a result of repeated cleaning at every stage of the process of their making. The artist will bring with him natural colours (red, black & white), bamboo brushes also for the workshop participants. The artist will bring some unpainted small plates/bowls/pots for the workshop participants to paint on. Each participant will be provided these materials required for making one small pot (this pot will be kept 1 hr-2 hrs under the Sun for drying and can be painted at participant’s home only) and one pot (done by artist, but not painted) to paint on-spot. So each participant can take back two pots at the end of workshop.

Finally there will be a display cum sale of the artists masterpieces.


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Instyle exhibition


We are happy to announce our new event in Pune – Instyle exhibition

Venue – Varsha square, Baner opposite Bhairavi hotel
Date – 6th and 7th of May
Time – 10am to 8 pm
Rent – 1200/- per day ( bookings for both days are compulsory )
Stall size – one and a half ft. by 6 ft.
Facilities provided – one table with cover, two chairs, wall mesh (to hang products), changing room
Last date of booking – 28th April
Booking will be confirmed once the payment is made on the basis of first come first serve .
Bookings once done will not be cancelled .

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Shopaholics 2016 – Shop and Learn

_________________Shopaholics 2016_____________________
We are coming up with a 2-day exhibition on the weekend of 28-29th May, 2016 at Deccan Gymkhana.
Book your stalls now!!

Venue – Swapnashilpa Hall, 234, Apte Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Time – From 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM

 Total Stalls available – 60 stalls available

Stall Fee – 1400/-  for half (6’*1.5′ table) and 2800/- for full (6’*3’table)
Included in above cost – Evening snacks and tea
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Terracotta 3-part set by Kalakari

Kalakari always tries new things and offers you the best.

Today, we are offering authentic, traditional jewellery pattern, made up of Terracotta.

The color combinations are natural but very ideal to go with traditional atmosphere.

Also, we tried to create the look of ancient era which will give you the perfect ethnic look.

Hope, you love this creation from Kalakari 🙂

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Kalakari’s summer collection

Stay cool with Kalakari’s all new summer collection.

Introducing a Clay Bottle from Kalakari with authentic designs.

These are eco-friendly clay bottles which will keep water cool and will also give a special earthen aroma to keep you cool and fresh.

It is also decorated with some traditional art forms like Warli which is adding different beauty to it.

Hope you like these, more more details, please contact Kalakari

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Mitticool – A Refrigerator Without Electricity!

What an idea sirjee!