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Decluttering Your Space – What, Why and How?

Are you bored and frustrated about your messy home? Is it difficult to find a particular thing in your space? Are you suffering from too much stuff issue inside a smaller area? If these are your problems then, you need to Declutter your space for sure!

Decluttering Your Space – What, Why and How_
Decluttering Your Space – What, Why and How?

Let’s first understand, what is Decluttering? It is nothing but to get rid of all unnecessary things you have. Declutterring and minimalist living are two different things; please do not get confused between these. Minimalist lifestyle is to have bare minimum which is essential for living. Example – Have only 1 watch instead of having wide range according to use and occasion. On the other side, Decluttering is removing unnecessary, unwanted, unsuitable, unusable things from your space. Example – Have multiple watches but remove outdated, broken or unused watches from your collection.

Why Decluttering is necessary?

  • It helps to understand what all items you already have
  • It gives you an idea what exactly you use and what you do not really need
  • It saves lot of space to buy new things
  • You can donate or giveaway unwanted but useful things to your friends, family or any charity
  • It gives you a fresh and relaxed space inside your home/office
  • It encourage you to clean your space
  • It saves you money

How you can Declutter your space?      

This is actually the main part of this blog, below are the few tips to start Decluttering –

  • Take a big garbage bag or a laundry bag or a box to collect whatever you see unwanted thing at your eye level, I always keep one laundry bag inside my house where we put unwanted thing whenever we find, I sort out it on weekend and either throw or donate the stuff
  • Take 5 things challenge for a week : Ask each of your family member to remove 5 unwanted things daily for 5 days, this will collect much clutter at the 5th day which is a great start to Declutter your space
  • One room per week : This tip is applicable for bigger homes, when you have large family living under one roof. Take one room each time to find out what you do not need

All these points are needed to be considered if you seriously wish to start cleaning your home. Remember, home cleaning is a big process starts with Decluttering! Make sure you plan well in advance the way you wish to start, trust me, its fun and you will get used to it easily. At the end of the day, you will find our huge junk either to donate or giveaway. Most importantly, you will feel good!

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Top 7 Must Have Organizers for a Clutter-Free Home

For a typical middle class family, the major problem of house is messiness and untidy spaces. Here are my Top 7 Must Have Organizers for a Clutter-Free Home for you, to save your energy and time in cleaning mess every time around your house.

Top 7 Must Haves Organizers for a Clutter-Free Home

  1. Storage Baskets – The best way to collect unsorted things in your house, which can be sorted out later to the dedicated spaces. OR, these storage baskets can become a dedicated space for some of the those unsorted items. Baskets are mostly in square,  oval or round shapes. I always prefer square baskets as, they do not waste any space out side the basket.
  2. Hanging Storage – These are perfect things to make use of  vertical spaces mostly when you have smaller room sizes. Hanging storage includes Jewellery Organizer with Hanger, Rods and Hangers to hang cloths, Purse/Handbag Organizer, Shoe Organizer, Scarf Hanger, etc. These hanging storage items can be mostly used in bedrooms and kitchens. Best place to put hanging organizers are doors.
  3. Pin Boards – Pin boards are used as planners, memory station, reminder space, etc. Pin board is the best solution to keep you updated with upcoming events (when you pin invitations), grocery list, shopping list, reminders, work list or to-do list, calendars, memory photographs, etc. Pin boards are mostly useful in kitchen as a lady we spend most of the time in kitchen, we can look and update it on daily basis.
  4. Saree Covers – Best way to store extra clothes, seasonal clothes, blankets, bed sheets, seasonal footwear, and anything which you do not need regularly. These covers are very useful to keep things airtight and dirt-free. I usually keep these saree covers inside my bed storage and bedroom lofts.
  5. Pouches – These comes with different sizes and shapes. Extra toiletries, makeup stuff, stationary, jewellery, socks, underwear, etc. items can be put in these pouches. This will help to get most ares clutter-free. Also, alike things will stay together to find out easily when needed. Pouches are mostly used to organize wardrobes as they can fit inside the smaller space and used to store small items.
  6. Hooks – These are used again to take advantage of vertical spaces in home. Hooks can be used inside wardrobes, cupboards, walls, bathrooms, etc. to put/hang light weight things like belts, keys, brushes, and so on. Before buying, everyone should check the weight carrying capacity of hook to plan its use.
  7. Laundry bag – Best thing to de-clutter your house in 5 min. Just grab every clutter and put it in the laundry bag and keep it in bedroom, if you have guests coming with a very short notice,this is the best possible solution for instant mess-free home. Main use of the laundry bag is to collect dirty clothes but as said above one bag can be used for urgent de-cluttering, one can be used to store toys, and one can keep it handy to collect donations in this bag. If anyone in your house do not need anything can be collected in this donation bag which can be sorted out at the end of each moth. This will help you to remove unwanted things very often and you will get enough space to store required things.

These are my top 7 organizers which i think every house should have to get clutter-free, clean and more organized spaces. Please let me know which type of organizer you like the most and why?