Konkan Kitchen

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Less than a year ago, we sold our first bottle of Jam. That was a journey of four years for us to go from Jam-making cooks to commercial purveyors of 100% natural spreads from the variety of the season’s best fruits.

If you try us any season, your taste buds are bound to be surprised by the glass bottled taste of nature bound for six months. But it’s your wallet that would be astonished by how little it costs.

We charge you for the fruit…. So, our seasonal Muskmelon set you back by 140/- for a quarter kilo bottle while the Mulberry takes you back by 350/-.

Given the “Communist” pricing at the Uber Capitalist Enterprise, it’s not surprising that we have fans who want to sell our Jams under their brand.

Based out of our FSSAI certified kitchen at the Charles Correa designed Vashi premises, we proudly declare that only the fruit, Sulphur less sugar and lemon enter our bottles (PS: the lemons are purchased and squeezed; not pre-bottled product with chemical preservatives). And this choice handmade jam recipe does indeed last for 6 months after being canned.

So indeed why should you be interested? Well we have a daily capacity to produce 120 bottles of Jam. We deliver it Pan India at very little additional cost. We customise gifting options quite nimbly (the packaging of course…. We do not make anything apart from natural jams… Sorry Ma’am/Sir, we will not even add artificial pectin to make our Jams more jelly-like; even for a custom order)

After all, even fruits from different countries will taste different…. And we would like to make you taste it from the Yummium bottle the way the farmer there wanted you to.

Our current seasonal flavours are:



Cape Berry Spread

Rs. 190

Orange Spread

Rs. 160

Mulberry Spread

Rs. 350

Fig Spread

Rs. 160

Strawberry Spread

Rs. 160

Alphonso Spread

Rs. 250

Muskmelon Butter

Rs. 140

Kiwi Spread

Rs. 200

 Pineapple Spread  Rs. 140

For more updates on our upcoming products, please like our facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/konkankitchen


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