Pratha Naturals & Handmade Soaps


Nothing compares to a warm, bubble bath, to ease the knots in your body. And this experience is unsurpassed when you are soaked in the goodness of a homemade organic soap. India is a veritable treasure house of beauty secrets that are getting lost in today’s commercialization. We are contemporise this age-old wisdom of our rich heritage into ready-to-use bath soaps through our venture ‘Pratha’, which means tradition.

Our Handmade soaps are 100% natural, no chemical, no animal fat, no alcohol. Your skin will feel the difference within first use of it.


Spend your valuable few minutes to see our products and get stuff at your doorsteps, by just clicking on this link

Download our product catalog – “Pratha Naturals and Handmade”

For more details, please contact – Soniya Gaikwad 9075694182 

OR write us –

Pratha Naturals and Handmade Pvt Ltd.



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