Vishva by Shravika Surana


Vishva, meaning “the world” is the handcrafted vision of Shravika Surana, a Bangalore based busybody whose creations have started a whole new Buzz. Vishva draws inspiration from the natural world and much of Shravika’s art reflects Nature in her various forms.
Shravika is a craftswoman of no ordinary skills. Her eye for texture, color, shading and shape is as keen as any professionally trained craftsman and her talent is evident in each of her creations.
Her craft is mostly paper based, and she makes all kinds of items from decorative photograph frames, cards, envelopes to pencil pouches,bookmarks, calendars and more. Through her dedication to the art, she has perfected techniques in inking, paper craft, lamasa and so much more. Lamasa is a clay art, where the clay is made using corn flour, and Shravika uses this to make a variety of functional as well as decorative pieces. She also uses mixed media in her work, which is a combination of all the various techniques she has mastered, and generates lovely pieces of functional art.
She enjoys teaching what she has learnt and holds classes at her home from time to time. She sometimes holds classes in Pune also, where she is originally from.
 Shravika is based in Indiranagar, Bangalore, and takes small-to-medium sized orders for her products.
Visit her Facebook page – Vishva by Shravika Surana
She can be contacted at:  +91 – 9901766202
If you have any question/comments, please feel free to contact me – 


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