Koyri A tale of an Art!


Koyri is about craft, designing, personalized gifts and handmade products..!
We design artifacts according to the clients needs..

So… do small things make a difference to our lives? Do small things, change times? Are small things hard to deal with? It is not about been small anymore; it is about things that made you wink, stare, smile or things that made your day! Adhering to all these adjectives and verbs won’t help!!
Koyri is about ‘small things’. It offers a wide range of lamps, Tee’s, envelopes, bookmarks or anything that is handmade and designed with utmost art, passion and the trendy Mantras. Imagine your favorite coffee mug or some artifacts that needs to be thrown, because it is sheer junk. Hard for you isn’t it? Get the junk for us and we are going to design it for you!
We at Koyri believe that, every coffee mug, every lamp, every traditional relic is worth preserving, as each coffee bean has a story and Koyri would love to make it even more relishing for you. Koyri has a perfect blend of ethnicity and the young cult when it comes to colors, shades, designs and decorations for every little piece.
All is taken care of because we want to create memories and more stories through SMALL THINGS.

Product range

Bookmarks, photo frames, earrings, bookmarks, ‘Chalawala stands’, car hangings, custom made t-shirts, envelopes, lanterns, diyas, candles, warli painted products, paper quilling products etc. We specialize in customized products and designs.

We take small orders for personalized gifts.
Bulk order exceeding 100 will take more than a week.
Products for display will be available.
Please contact\leave a message for a special display of products.
Photographs are samples. They’l just give you a general idea of what that product is..!
Every product can be custom made(variety of colors, sizes etc.)

For more details please contact – +91 98900 05803

or just email your requirement here – medha.koyri@gmail.com

We are also available on facebook



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